Canal Road Thrupp

Thrupp Canal Road

Snow in Thrupp 10th December 2017

Getting the car out of the village today with the family aboard will be far too risky so we are staying put, but I did get out to take these few pictures though. The one above is of Canal Road in Thrupp. These are currently winter moorings where visiting boats stay for the season. In the summer they are great 7 day moorings for boaters visiting the area.

Its a lovely place, with a tearoom and kayak hire – although I won’t be partaking in the latter today!

Thrupp Lift Bridge

Thrupp Lift Bridge

This is one of only a few electric lift bridges along the Oxford Canal. The boy does enjoy taking to its controls when we take the boat out and go under it. We’ll be heading down to Oxford for Christmas in about a weeks time, so that will be our next journey through it.

Thrupp Wide

The Wide

You can see that the canal today looks like one big slush-puppy. We bought our boat down here yesterday to fill up with water. I am glad we did now as it would have been very cold doing it today. Apparently this section of the canal used to be the mill pond for the mill which used to be in Thrupp yard. I am not sure this is 100%, but its what one of the locals told me back in summer.

Thrupp Canal Cruising Club

Thrupp Canal Cruising Club

This place is picturesque at anytime of year in any season. The flower containers which The Thrupp Canal Cruising Club plant up year round, but especially in the summer are well worth a looking if visiting.

The Boat in Thrupp

The Boat in Thrupp

The village has two local pubs. The one above is The Boat Inn and just a minutes walk south along the towpath and you’ll find The Jolly Boatman. Both have a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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