Lawn MowingLawn Mowing

Go ahead and search ‘Lawn Mowing’ and you’ll see there are numerous companies which will come and, for a fee, cover your lawn in various chemicals. And of course there are the ‘Mow ‘n’ Go’ people who can come and cut it for you now and again. A large part of many peoples gardens is their lawn. Not just a well maintained area of green which is good to look at, but also a place to relax and socialise with friends and family.

I work with lawns differently though. I find that most lawns, react well to good old fashioned organic lawn care techniques.

Mowing regularly, scarifying, reseeding and feeding with an organic feed when needed are ways in which I manage my clients lawns to a high standard.

Each visit starts with a walk over where I see if there are any weeds which need dealing with. After these are removed, the next step is to tidy the edges by walls and fences. Then I use my Hayter Pro mower to create a beautiful cut, before going around and tidying up the edges of borders.

When it comes to the right time of year, I also carry a scarifier with me to remove any thatch in the lawn and also seed to reseed any areas which need it.

Dependant on need I can also feed the lawn with an organic feed once or twice per year.

Lawn Mowing from Richard the Gardener

Apart from lawns I am also a general gardener who works organically who can help you in many ways in your garden. From hedge cutting, weeding and general garden maintenance to hedgelaying and creating fedges – living woven willow fences which come to life in the spring and summer.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch. And if you are looking for tips or just want some local gardening updates then please check my blog.