Richard the Kidlington Gardener

Hello, I’m Richard the Kidlington Gardener. I work organically and with nature in mind which is something very important to me because I think this is better for me, you and the environment. I originally trained in horticulture when I left school in the late 90’s. Having worked in kitchen gardens and a market garden I set up my garden maintenance business a few years back and have loved helping and working with my customers ever since.

Kidlington Gardener

Kidlington Gardener

Local Kidlington Gardener

I work in or around Kidlington most days in my customers gardens, which is great as living on the Oxford Canal in our narrowboat, which runs alongside Kidlington, it means that I can keep my travelling to a minimum. This means more gardening time and more family time which makes one happy gardener!

Garden services from Richard the Kidlington Gardener

I offer many services to my customers from lawn mowing, scarifying, hedge trimming, weeding, pruning and general maintenance and upkeep of the garden to hedgelaying and fedging – creating living willow fences.

I have a fully stocked van with well maintained tools and equipment and am always ready for anything the garden throws at me.

Why organic?

It’s the way it was meant to be. I am passionate about organic as I think it is the best thing for your soil, your plants and most or all YOU! Many think that the organic approach is a new and innovative one, but this couldn’t be further of the truth. Organic gardening is as old as the hills and is the way that our ancestors have gardened for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

How I work

I work in my clients gardens in 2 hour blocks with visits ranging from weekly to fortnightly. I do also take on one off tidy ups or specialist jobs. Feel free to get in touch if there is something which you feel I could help you with.

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